Sunday, 22 April 2012


I must first apologise for my absence! As I said in my last post, now I am back at work I don't have much to report on fashion wise and haven't being out much to show any outfits worn :(

       I just had to show you though my DIY silver toe cap shoes which I am so proud of!
I found them on eBay and won them for only £1!! (I can sort of see why) but i wasn't too bothered as they were for DIY, it was also great that they were asymmetric which I love just a shame the heel wasn't a little taller and the toes a little smaller as I fond they look a little like drag queen shoes lol.
       So I bobbed down to my local Boyes and bought some acrylic hobby spray in Chrome (£4.45), I just made sure it stated plastic as the shoes aren't real leather and more plastic.

I masked up the toes and placed a bag over each shoes so no spray would go over them. Two coats and et voila!
I think they look great for a total of £5.45 I won't complain. 
I suggest you try it with an old pair of heels or find some cheap ones off eBay. If you have swede shoes I sassiest you use a paint rather than spray.
Even if you wear them once they look great and are very SS12 and off course inspired by Louis Vuitton.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012


I must applogise for not posting for weeks! Since i got the okay from the doctor about going back to work i have felt so busy!
I'm finding it hard to keep up with the blog and havnt really being shopping much for new stuff to show you.

I do have some new jeans though as seen in the photo, just a shame my ankle is still not well enough to walk in thr Zara sandels! :(
They were a bargain at £15 from ebay znd orginally from Asos. Also bought dome yellow asymetric heels for only £1 which i hope to add a silver cap to the toe.
Inspired by Columbine smile and Angelica Blick with the ribbed boyfriend jeans:

Sunday, 25 March 2012


My week in Instagram, enjoy.


Again I apologise for the poor quality iPhone photos and my horrible posing, need to start using the camera more.
This was taken yesterday, I wore my new (very tight) Aztec jeans they defiantly got some looks. Men and my boyfriend bobbed upto York designer outlet so I could grab some clinique bits or cheap.

I must wish my Boyfriend Paul a Happy Birthday for today. I got hime some Zebra Happy Socks, a teddy lol and the Hershal Ravine bag in Cobalt, still not sure whether he likes it but hey ho. We went up for a drive to Cumbria and the Lake District very beautiful specially it being a sunny day. Shame I decided to come a different route home which took an hour longer got me stuck behind sunday drivers and used a whole load more fuel. The day needed nicely with some fish and chips and a small argument over cutting his hair lol.

Didn't manage to get any photos of today's outfit but I wore my coated black jeans with a bright yellow sara vest and my Zara blazer.
Hope everyone had a good weekend, I may post some recent Instagram photos to show how my week has being.
Leather Jacket: Vintage
Blouse: eBay
Jeans: Misguided
Boots: Internacionale
Sunglasses: Rayban

Friday, 23 March 2012


Boobed out to designer outlet today as just for a ponder and wanted some cheap clinique bits.
I will try and get round tomorrow to posting more photos of this outfit.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012


Just spotted these on the topshop website and as now the hight street is becoming a wash with isabel mar ant style hi tops these topshop ones at only £28 will no doubt sell out fast at that price.


Olivia Palermo
Christine Centenera

Images Stockholm Streetstyle

Just being looking through stockholm street style and found some inspiring outfits and how fantastic as always does Olivia look. Love Christine's wang shoes, these would be a really practical shoe for me at the moment. As if I just said that, not once have I ever said I need practical shoes I usually have the opposite.

As for my ankle I got the almost all OK from the doctor on Monday so I can drive and I am back at work now : (
It's my second day back and my feet kill already but all I can think of is the money so I can go shopping lol.  It is my boyfriends birthday this weekend as usual we have no plans.

So I do apologise if I don't have as many blog posts but be sure to keep checking back or follow me on bloglovin to be sure not to miss new posts.

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