Thursday, 26 January 2012


So my boyfriend just bought the Comme de Garcons Guerilla 2 parfum, I was more interested in the packaging than the smell lol. 
It is is in a much longer box that most perfumes but when you open the box it is a fun little surprise of foam replicas of the bottle.
About the perfume: "Guerrilla 2 is based around its name…for the perfumer, it brought to mind the color red. So, in went a mélange of beautiful ingredients that are (or conjured) red, and the result is bliss. A tart, fruity raspberry is very evident, wrapped in soft, spiced folds of pink pepper, sweet curcuma flower and carefree bergamot. Like its sister scent, Guerrilla 2 is anchored by vetiver, cedar and a light, sensual musk…this is an eye-batting, coquettish fragrance that draws people in close to its delicate, light musk and fruit. Hello, romance! Irresistible, and among the first of its kind in the CdG line."

It is personally not my favourite scent I prefer more floral but the packaging is amazing. 
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