Wednesday, 25 January 2012

FIRST POST | 250112

Well welcome to my page and my first post.
My name is Leah Makin, 24 years young ;) from Yorkshire in England.
Born a farmers daughter and still living here 24 years later, a country girl at heart but I have always had a passion for arts and fashion this coming from both side of my parents, my father a keen art lover and my mother well buys too many clothes!
I studied a degree in Photography at Leeds college of art & design. Since I live on a farm when I had photo shoot ideas I would use my land and loved starting to work with friends and models for my shoots so this carried on my love for fashion photography.
My photography has slowed down unfortunately in last few years as about 3 years ago I had a small car crash which slowed me down for a while and also trying to hold down my part time job in my rubbish local shop which now feels more like full times sometimes.
Alice Sey by Leah Makin.

Alice Sey by Leah Makin.
 At the moment I have a lot of time on my hands hence why I am probably starting a blog. I have being off work for 2 months as I had an operation on my ankle, a biological graft (I have no idea what is it!) Having all this time off I have being so inspired to get back to my photography work but it just is not possible till I am back on my feet.

Me and my sticks.
My fashion side of life, well I'm no stylist I am aware of that but I try my best. I always have thought I was good at finding items on the high street and a faction of the price of the designer brands but this is just because as I said I work in my local shop and cannot afford the designer brands ;)
I would say my style is dark and I am not afraid to wear certain items as I feel comfortable in a little more, how shall we say 'avant garde' items. Most of the time it is safe items.
Unfortunately I don't get many chances to wear my clothes as I don't go out much as I am normally working. The main time I waer my clothes is when shopping for new is a vicious cycle!

I have a wonderful partner of 5 years named Paul who is my rock and best friend. He works in York as a supervising manager at coggles. I do become rather jealous of his job as I would sometimes love to work in fashion retail not food retail lol but it is my only way of trying to hold onto my dream of becoming a full time photographer.
Paul in London

Check out my tumblr to get a jist of me and what will come to my blog. My tumblr is more of a image based blog of inspirations on a daily basis.

Well that is all I can thing to say about myself at the moment, I feel I may have rambled a little!
Me in London
Me and my beloved dog.

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