Thursday, 26 January 2012


So as I was getting a bath tonght thought I would show what skin care products I use.
I tend to have an oily t-zone and have always suffered from spots :( mainly due to my not so healthy diet.
After many years I have found which for me is the best products that are not going to brake the bank.

From top left to right:
Clinique facial soap oily skin formula 200ml
Clinique clarifying lotion 400ml
Clinique 7 day scrub
Olay eye gel
Witch stick
Boots oil free mattifying lotion.

All products available from and
I find the clinique products great for keeping my skin at an even tone and keeping the oily t-zone at bay. I used to used the Anti-Blemish line but I can get most of these from the designer outlet with a lot of money off retail price ;)
The 7 day scrub is amazing as it is gentle enough to use as it states everyday which I love for catching those nasty blackheads.
I usually also use clinque moisturizer for oily skin but I am waiting to use up this cheap boots stuff (it does the trick.)

I don't tell a lie though when I say that my clinique products last ages, especially if I buy the 400ml size bottles.

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