Thursday, 23 February 2012


So I was rather excited this morning to peep out the window and see a box left at the back door (good job we don't like somewhere busy). They look just as I expected and I am so excited to wear them but unfortunately because of my silly operation I can't yet, so will just have to wait until I can walk properly. I am telling you though I have never missed wearing heels so much, I have always hated flat shoes and for how they used to hurt my ankle I just hope I can walk in them still, although I think it's something handed down the skill of walking in heels all day ;)

Normally these aren't my type of heel, I usually stick to a chunky heel with some height on the front but as I said in an earlier post I remember trying on the Zara asymmetric ones last year and they were so comfy so I can only hope these are the same. I usually avoid an ankle strap too as I don;t have the slimmest legs and in my mind make my legs look like tree trunks. I now have a new tiny annoying woman thing of where there scar will really bother me on my ankle you can probably slightly see it on the bottom photo and see how it is still a different colour to the other lol.

Anyhow enough moaning about my ankle, the shoes will be popped back in the box till I am all better and I must not drive in them as I always ruin shoes when I drive in them.

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