Wednesday, 1 February 2012


I've had my eye out for a while for a nice pastel nail varnish on ebay for a while, I usually only use OPI as I find it lasts the longest on my nails. At the moment money is tight so thought I would try this Saffron 55 Mint Green and only £1.99. Thought it would be great for this season and look even better if I use my new Rimmel Matte on top of it. 
I will posts some pictures when I have tried this out.

On another note went to the hospital Monday to get an x-ray on my foot and now after almost 2 months I can start putting my foot down and put pressure on it, I'm so scared though. At least the foot is doing good though and I have another 6 weeks off work so be expecting more blog posts as I have time on my hands.
Nail Varnish: Saffron 55 Mint Green Ebay

1 comment:

  1. Lovely colour. Its nearly the same as the bracelet in my new post ;)



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