Saturday, 25 February 2012


I know sounds strange! My mum had bought a trio pack and had showed it to me and as I am off work I get the chance to paint my nails a lot as they don't break and when I heard this magnetic nail polish I thought sounded strange, I mean I'm aware of crackle, glitter all sorts but magnets was a new one to me.
I normally use OPI and usually takes a long time for everything to dry and I do have some nails inc but I hate not having the pro wide brushes but when I did this step for the magnetic nails is was really quick, probably around 45 mins for everything. Normally I wake up in the morning and found the nails were not dry when I went to bed and found I have bed in prints all over them.
I decided to use the 'Houses of Parliament' colour which is the purple one, the gold one looked quite nice, it's just a shame there isn't some brighter one as I find these are a little more evening.
My mum bought them from QVC and were £21.97 for this trio pack plus the caviar topcoat and as singles there usual RRP is around £13.
I would suggest trying some out as it is quite a fun experience and was amazed at how fast everything dried and my nails are still strong and no chips as of yet!

P.S About two days later I am fed up with these nails now lol. I cleaned my car and wore marigolds to stop them chipping and it just sweated off so I then put on some OPI nail envy on and its still peeling off, I would maybe use a different base coat.

Trio Pack at QVC 


  1. these look really cool and the purple one is gorgeous, my favourite colour! x

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