Sunday, 5 February 2012


Well its hasn't being a too busy week again seen as I can't do much at the moment. Happy that I got out to do some shopping with my boyfriend but shame I checked my balance yesterday and realised I spent a little bit too much.
I am now one week in of being able to put pressure down on my foot and I'm not doing very well so far :\ But I have another 5 weeks to go lol.
Saturday afternoon both my parents have gone away to Spain for a week with friends, which means I am left here with my brother who seems to forget that I'm not so able at the moment and I think he is quite happy to leave me alone in my room whilst he larks about with his mates...baring in mind he is almost 30! Also as of yesterday it snowed here in England which was a nice surprise and just glad I'm not able to drive at the moment as it takes so long to get anywhere but it's just a shame I can't go play in it with the dogs and I have the feeling my boyfriend will not want to drive in it tonight to come see me :(
So I recon next week will be rather quiet but be sure to keep checking back.


  1. I love the winter pictures xxx

  2. oh, you carry off that pale green polish so well! i could never hope to lay any kind of pastel upon my fingers ):

    1. You know I always thought any hands can pull off any nail colour but thinking about it now I hate dark reds on my nails, feels a little too 80's.
      I probably only think this because my mum has 3 drawers of olddd nail varnish from the 80's and one of the drawers is just full of red!

      Why not give some a try you never know, you can always take it off again.


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