Wednesday, 8 February 2012


Yey, just booked to go to Amsterdam with my boyfriend for his birthday next month!
P&O ferries have there 2 for 1 offer on again and at £73 for two people is a bargain. It is a mini cruise were we will leave from Hull at night arrive in the morning at Rotterdam and get a bus to Amsterdam, spend the day having a look around and I disappointed my boyfriend by saying I do not want to touch alcohol, smoke weed or see a hooker lol. I have never had a huge urge to visit Amsterdam as horribly I picture it as it's thought with Americans eating space cake and druelling at girls in windows. I have to get that out of my head and thinks of windmills, bikes, canals, tulips, anne frank, van gogh and shopping :D (sorry to any local people who would roll there eyes at this)
I am so excited to be going as the day before I have my appointment at the hospital which will have being at my 12 week stage and hopefully the doctor will say my foot is all fine! I will have spent 3 months stuck at home and off work so I really cannot wait for a short break away and spend it with my boyfriend.

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