Saturday, 4 February 2012

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So my boyfriend took me to Hull yesterday shopping and again spent a little bit too much money to say that I am on sick pay :\
I'm glad that we didn't go today as this minute it has just started snowing here in Yorkshire :) Thank god I am not able to drive at the minute. 
Anyhow really happy with my Zara sale purchases as online they have sold out and I was just saying to my boyfriend they were the two things I was after. I already have the jacket in black and I wear it almost everyday and is worth every penny so when I thought I missed the grey in the sale i was annoyed.
The leggins were a bargain at £5 I know there not the best print but there similar to H&M Versace and I can try some print clashing.
Now I know Chelsea boots are a little A/W but as I have had the operation I cannot wear my huge heels so thought these might be practical, I'm not usually a boot person and I do like Topshop's Ambush boots but for the little amount I will wear them I couldn't justify paying that amount. The bangles are another great sale bargain which go with the chocker necklace I bought from Leeds last week at only £1 each I can't moan. I also thought I would try out the new Lynx atract for her, I'm sure many women will be thinking they can pull men now just like how the men think, this is not my aim as I have a lovely boyfriend lol but when ever I have used Impluse the smell never stays on you and reminds me of school and I know how much Lynx Africa stays on men (and stinks) so thought this might be quite good at keeping me smelling better and it does! I would recommend.
I'm very happy with my purchases but really couldn't afford them all got lots of bills coming up :(

Blouse: Zara
Blazer: Zara
Leggins: Unknown
Boots: Internacionale
Bangles: Primark
Deodrant: Superdrug
Keep checking back for new posts. x

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