Wednesday, 15 February 2012


Zara Lookbook
I am not the only person to get excited seeing Zara's lookbook, so when I had a look at the website this morning and they popped up I got excited. Last time I had just got my overdraft on my account and wen't and spent it on a whole outfit from the lookbook, whoops. Luckily this time I'm a little skint but out of these looks I have to say the bottom two are my favorite, the printed trousers look really comfy and I love the contrast in patterns going on and the bottom right outfit it's just so lovely and bright which is usually opposite to what I wear (all black) but every now and again I love a pop of colour only problem again having big-ish boobs this shirt wouldn't look as good on me. I love the top left outfit too got those key pastel colours but with lovely fabrics and that shirt I really love as it reminds me of Givenchy.

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