Monday, 19 March 2012


Pre snooze in the car.

Ready to go in the terminal.
On the boat in Hull.
Our mini cabin.

In the quiet room.

New shoes!!

Seagul in Rotterdam.

Bus journey to Amsterdam.

Masison Scotch.

The Otherist.

Shop full of amazing shoes.

I'm not too good at posing for photos.

A little picture heavy but it paints a picture of my trip. I will try to keep it short in words. First thing I have to state os that I do not have sea legs! Even though you would think with one of the huge P&O boats you wouldn't feel much, well I haven't felt so sick and dizzy in a long time, I hardly got any sleep at all. 
To start the morning it wasn't too warm but I was dressed sensible for once which is unlike me, we had a hour and half bus journey from Rotterdam into Amsterdam with the most annoying scottish bus driver who tales the whole way to the whole bus and I studiedly did not bring my headphones. First impressions of Amsterdam was theres a lot more bikes than what I thought and it looks a little like Dublin. 
In usual me style we headed to McDonalds to grab a bite to eat and get our bearings.
We did not have any places in particular to visit as I was to lazy to research any and we were both rather skint so it was just a day of pondering the streets really. 

I wish I had known it was like walking York with all the old cobbled streets as this did not do my poorly ankle any good at all so it was a slow walk around all day. 
I have to say all the locals were ever so friendly unlike most places I have being to and great that you don't have to worry about the language barrier as much as other countries.
I can't say it was my best day out as I got shat on my a bird which went all down my coat and into my handbag and over my passport. I couldn't look up much at the city as I was watching where I was walking on the cobbles and my boyfriend wen't all rosy cheeked in the red light district!
I would love to go again but to say it seemed like there was a lot of fashionable 20 something year olds I don't know where they shop because we could hardly find any clothes shops.

On the boat back I was shattered. I hadn't bought a single thing in Amsterdam expect food and coffee so I thought I would treat myself with my last €10 on one of the Holland collection OPI nail varnish as I thought that would be rather fitting. I would say check them out if you are into your OPI they have some lovely colours in the collection.

Hope you enjoyed my photos and turns out I didn't keep it short in words! Check out my next post of the OPI Holland nail varnish I bought.

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