Thursday, 1 March 2012


I bought this about a month off eBay sometimes hate ordering stuff from Hong Kong and China but it was only around £6. It was supposed to be in the style of an old zara blouse and as usual doesn't look much like the photos but again I can't complain as it was only cheap, the fabric looks nice and soft but it's not.

Now I must applogise for the little amount of posts recently I haven't being on the laptop much seen as since I have started my physio I am now walking around a lot more and doing things around the house I haven't had chance to do, I think I over did it over the past few days and it has become swollen again so I am trying to rest at the moment but couldn't resist taking the dog for a walk in this lovely spring weather here in England.
I have just over a week now till I see the doctor again and my god these 6 weeks compared to the first 6 weeks have gone so much faster. I hope he gives me a the okay as the day after it is my 3 day trip to Amsterdam lol.

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