Monday, 5 March 2012


Bought look magazine tonight and whilst flicking through it spotted these Isabel Marant Renell style jeans and had to have them! I saw there was some on a while ago but must have missd them and then found some on ebay but thought they were a little too much. These were £34.99 and then I used promo code'LOOKMAG20' and got 20% off, woohoo. 
Happy now I finally have a pair allthough after my operation and being off my feet for almost 2 months I have put a little weight round the waist and I think I need to loose a little lol.
Also a bit bummed as I was saving my money this week for going into York shopping tomorrow as I have not being in for months and was hoping for some bits in Zara but I'm sure if I would have seen these in a shop I would have bought them. Wish me luck not to spend too much money tomorrow.

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