Sunday, 4 March 2012


I know I know they are not so neat! It was rather late last night when I tried this and spent ages trying to look for the right two colours to work together, I just chose two OPI ones in the end. I will have a bath later and most of the varnish will come off from around the edges I just couldn't be bothered before bed lol. 
I found two ways of doing this I tried the one below which is basically blob lots of nail varnish on and hope it blends together, which it didn't. The other process I read about was apply the base colour and then use a makeup sponge to work on the second colour. I thought the sponge process would be better for maybe doing ombre with glitter. I did in the end use a sponge just to try and mix the two. 
It was a bit of a messy and stressful process but something I would like to try again and I suggest you give it ago but I would recommend some OPI drip dry or something similar as the varnish was very thick.
“Start by painting the darker color in a rough U-shape. Don’t forget to lay it on thick! Next, fill in empty space with the lighter color. Wipe off the excess polish, and start swirling where the polishes meet. A layer of topcoat will help blend the colors together more!” says Refinery29

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