Saturday, 10 March 2012


So the other night I remembered I had a gift voucher for £30 left from Christmas and felt I had to spend it even thought it lasted years lol. I read that I could use it online and intended to spend it on either Topshop or River Island as I was slowly creeping towards buying the river island floral trousers which I couldn't find in store I came across the high tops!! I know at where my boyfriend works he told me there was some Ash high tops but couldn't really afford them as they were around £170. So when I saw the topshop ones at only £40 and I had a gift voucher for £30 I was in for the win. 

I was originally going to go for the black, as I buy everything in black but changed my mind and was going for black and white and had then noticed already most sizes had sold out so I settled for the white/cream. The payment wouldn't go through as there was only £30 on the gift card and you cannot do two purchases so rang up and they were no help so got them to save a pair and thinking they would be in a nearby store they only had them at Leeds and as I am not driving at the moment had to ask my mum to take me lol.

When I showed mum them and told her about the hidden heel inside she was sold on them too as we are both killers for a wedge shoe but I loved the fact it was hidden in the shoes not sure if ala Isabel Marant ones have this?

In the end I bought the black and white pair and mum bought the cream/white which is funny to think as my mum is coming up to retirement age. (don't worry she doesn't look like a granny in high tops!) I don't care because I can now have both pairs and in the end only cost me £10!!


  1. Hi Leah,

    Love ur blog by the way! Strange question really but do you think they still have these in store where you are? I've been trying to get a hold of the black/white high tops for ages now but they're not in stock online or in my local River island which is such a bummer coz I love them and they look super comfy! If they do maybe we could arrange something- like a money transfer through paypal and you could maybe pick them up and post them to me? As you can tell I'm pretty desperate for these bad boys!! Let me know what you think and I'll send my email address so we can arrange something. Enjoy ur Sunday ;-)


    1. Hi Lainee,
      Aww I know how it feels when you are dying to get something but they have all sold out. I had a performance myself getting these shoes. When I rang (Leeds store) they only had 4 left at the time.
      I would love to help but the Leeds store is 40 miles away and I can't drive at the moment due to my operation.
      Maybe just buy the white pair? They do look just as good.


    2. Hi Leah!

      Thanks for getting back to me!! I have bought the white ones and can safely say I am in love :) Thanks again and I hope u recover soon ;-)



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