Sunday, 22 April 2012


I must first apologise for my absence! As I said in my last post, now I am back at work I don't have much to report on fashion wise and haven't being out much to show any outfits worn :(

       I just had to show you though my DIY silver toe cap shoes which I am so proud of!
I found them on eBay and won them for only £1!! (I can sort of see why) but i wasn't too bothered as they were for DIY, it was also great that they were asymmetric which I love just a shame the heel wasn't a little taller and the toes a little smaller as I fond they look a little like drag queen shoes lol.
       So I bobbed down to my local Boyes and bought some acrylic hobby spray in Chrome (£4.45), I just made sure it stated plastic as the shoes aren't real leather and more plastic.

I masked up the toes and placed a bag over each shoes so no spray would go over them. Two coats and et voila!
I think they look great for a total of £5.45 I won't complain. 
I suggest you try it with an old pair of heels or find some cheap ones off eBay. If you have swede shoes I sassiest you use a paint rather than spray.
Even if you wear them once they look great and are very SS12 and off course inspired by Louis Vuitton.

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